Great Taste, Better for you

About Us

Our Company

Snacking is a part of almost everyone’s life. Unfortunately, the majority of snacks available on the market today do not contribute to your health. Growing public awareness towards healthier eating combined with more stringent regulatory guidelines for food products within schools have created a demand for snacks and foods that contribute to your well being. PureSnax International has been created to respond to this growing demand. It is always our objective to create snacks and foods that provide a healthy option for consumer by removing sugars and artificial sweeteners from the ingredient’s list while delivering a great taste.

PureSnax International, Inc has focused on building key relationships with manufacturers and co-packers able to support exponential growth. We also source many of our own raw ingredients to maintain tighter quality control and maximize pricing.


Our Mission & Vision

With a socially responsible mandate supported by education and driven by integrity and sincerity, PureSnax International, Inc. provides people with healthier snack and food choices by utilizing wholesome, natural, high quality ingredients that promote healthier lifestyles. We have chosen to specialize in the development, sourcing, branding and distribution of high quality, healthy food and snack products. It is our vision to brand PureSnax International, Inc. as one of the trusted names in the healthy food and snack industry.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the integrity of our products. In our quest to grow our brand and business, we will never compromise quality and the health based foundations of our current and future products.